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+ Official group AIM chatroom located here: facilier-fanciers
+ Signups for the group recording of "Friends On The Other Side" organized by west_to_alliot are here!
+ The Princess and the Frog has been released on DVD, along with the "Bayou Boogie" CD!

Facilier Hat
I wonder if anyone visits this community anymore... used to be so lively... :)
I was rereading all the comments on our "Party Post" and laughing my ass off.
Miss you guys.

Nathan scowls
I'm just gonna throw this story idea out, if anyone wants to pick it up. It's based on a 1955 short story by Damon Knight called The Country of the Kind.

Far in the future, all crime and violence has seemingly been eliminated, with citizens apparently incapable of breaking the intense social conditioning against acting out. However, there is one person who's able to think and act freely, and society has a particularly harsh way of dealing with him. He is made to experience a seizure if he attempts to physically harm someone, his body gives off a powerful foul smell to alert others of his presence, and all citizens are under orders to never associate with him.

After I read the summary, I thought to myself "there's no way anyone could escape that sort of punishment - unless you had the help of the gods or some pretty powerful spirits." Naturally, I thought of Facilier summoning his friends on the other side - Lord knows he wouldn't be able to stand being ignored, and thoughts of revenge would probably eat him up pretty quick.

And hey, even if nobody picks this up, maybe it'll spark a bit of discussion and breathe some life back into this place!

So, I have awesome friends who fulfill my Facilier obsession.
They let me dress up and dance.

And turn them into frogs.


You are welcome, FaciliYAY-ers.
You are welcome.

Hello Facilier lovers!
Dr F <3 voodoo
I've decided to set up a journal (this one) to write stories about the Princess and the Frog characters (including Doctor Facilier,of course!), and possibly to roleplay at some point. I'm going to be writing prompts from the prompt community charloft - they're having a winter bingo activity that seems like it would be a lot of fun to do with these characters.

There's only one little story up in this journal right right now, but I made the userinfo all pretty at least if you want to check it out- I'd love to have some friends that are familiar with the movie to let me know if I'm going in the right direction with the characters and if their little bios are accurate.

I've been checking out posts here in the community- I saw the one with the christmas story book (which is awesome) - are there other storybooks folks have posted scans or summaries of? I'd love to have more information about what happens after the movie. Also if there's anything out there about the country Naveen is from - they don't give it much more than a name in the movie, do they? For that matter, they don't even give Naveen or Tiana last names!

Also also - I have some icons that are uncredited - if you made them or know who made them, pls let me know so I can credit.


Greetings, compatriates!
I saw a picture today and thought of you.

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Steven Tyler <3<3
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O hai imma leeve thiz rite hurr

"So...does he have a PhD or like a Witch Doctorate or is he like a 'doctor' like Dr. Phil?"
Hey, everyone. I've been over some past entries and I didn't see this mentioned anywhere, but if I'm mistaken I will of course submit to whatever punishment y'all deem suitable.

So, the other day I went to the mall in search of a birthday gift for my dad, and as I walked past Macy's something caught my attention...

MAC Venomous Villains Collection

Yeah, I want this SO HARD.

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Anybody out there? If so, hello! *waves* I'm Liz, and I guess I'm new here.

I had the wonderful fortune of seeing Princess & the Frog last week (totally tardy to the party, I know...), and ever since I've been hooked on the wonderful Dr. Facilier. In fact, I had an idea I think you'd be interested in.

Considering all the "Team ----" shirts going around recently, I figured it was time to have a Team Facilier t-shirt. This is where you come in! I need a clean picture of just his hat; no background or anything. So the shirt would look only a little something like this:

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Questions/comments/ideas? It's great to be here :D

 A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this dashing video about Tzipporah from prince of egypt and Facilier, having the sexy dance tiemz.


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