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Dr. Facilier the Shadow Man

yeah, he's basically amazing

Dr. Facilier // The Shadow Man
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will sell your soul & charm you out of your pants. probably in that order.

10. You've seen The Princess and the Frog and were blown away by its awesome. If you haven't then GTFO, there's spoilers all up on everything.

9. Dr. Facilier is an awesome Disney villain. Hell, he killed a main character and tried to pawn off the souls of ALL OF 1920s NEW ORLEANS. (That's almost 500,000 people, I Googled that shit.)

8. Keith David, Keith David, Keith David. Keith David's goddamn voice. Seriously, were you even awake and breathing while that amazingness was penetrating your senses? It's like having a makeout party IN YOUR EARS.

7. He got a sweet-ass fashion sense. I mean he wears a bitchin' top hat and a belly shirt. Do you look good in a fucking belly shirt? Neither do I. Clearly superior.

6. "Friends On The Other Side" was the most mind-blowing musical number you've seen in recent memory. Seriously, if you can't admit to this then you just need to get up from the computer and walk the hell away right now. Like I don't even wanna look at you.

5. He got voodoo magic and tarot and can see the future and shit. Also he can turn you into a frog, or a hot guy, or pretty much anything. Freakin' sweet.

4. You shat yourself during his final scene. Sweet zombie Christ on a cracker, that shit was INTENSE.

3. His shadow has a mind of its own. I'm sorry, that is just awesome.

2. Motherfucker can DANCE! Seriously, if you tried half that shit he did you'd break your fucking coccyx.

1. "This community is like a large, plush sofa of welcoming lurve. Oh, and you have to imagine that there's a nude Facilier sitting on this particular sofa of welcoming love. That's what it's like here." -- tashatush


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