Dr. Facilier the Shadow Man

yeah, he's basically amazing

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bacon_fiend wrote in dr_facilier
Anybody out there? If so, hello! *waves* I'm Liz, and I guess I'm new here.

I had the wonderful fortune of seeing Princess & the Frog last week (totally tardy to the party, I know...), and ever since I've been hooked on the wonderful Dr. Facilier. In fact, I had an idea I think you'd be interested in.

Considering all the "Team ----" shirts going around recently, I figured it was time to have a Team Facilier t-shirt. This is where you come in! I need a clean picture of just his hat; no background or anything. So the shirt would look only a little something like this:

[Fear my mad MSPaint skillz! Also, ignore the white dots; they won't be there on the final product. X_X The hat might be a little smaller as well.]

and on the back I'll probably put "Are you ready?" plus some musical notes.

Questions/comments/ideas? It's great to be here :D

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Bahaha, that is excellent.

Awesome C: I'd definitely get one.

Nice, that's awesome. I'd definitely do a Team Facilier Tshirt!

As for the hat, perosha's probably the one to ask...

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