Dr. Facilier the Shadow Man

yeah, he's basically amazing

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Nathan scowls
darth_salai wrote in dr_facilier
I'm just gonna throw this story idea out, if anyone wants to pick it up. It's based on a 1955 short story by Damon Knight called The Country of the Kind.

Far in the future, all crime and violence has seemingly been eliminated, with citizens apparently incapable of breaking the intense social conditioning against acting out. However, there is one person who's able to think and act freely, and society has a particularly harsh way of dealing with him. He is made to experience a seizure if he attempts to physically harm someone, his body gives off a powerful foul smell to alert others of his presence, and all citizens are under orders to never associate with him.

After I read the summary, I thought to myself "there's no way anyone could escape that sort of punishment - unless you had the help of the gods or some pretty powerful spirits." Naturally, I thought of Facilier summoning his friends on the other side - Lord knows he wouldn't be able to stand being ignored, and thoughts of revenge would probably eat him up pretty quick.

And hey, even if nobody picks this up, maybe it'll spark a bit of discussion and breathe some life back into this place!

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I can just imagine Facilier asking his Friends to make him smell nicer. XD

Holy crap, a response!

LOL, that would be kinda awkward, wouldn't it? I can imagine Faci being all like "and if it doesn't trouble y'all any... do you think you could do something about the smell?"

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