Dr. Facilier the Shadow Man

yeah, he's basically amazing

So glad I found this community *__*
Facilier vs Fangirls
Man, finding this community definitely made my day. I spent something like hours checking out all the fanwork posted here, and I'm still not done. Thanks for making my day, really XD
I wrote a Facilier oneshot a while back, so I figured out it wouldn't hurt posting it here as well. It's nothing special, just my take on Facilier's first enounter with Voodoo. I hope you enjoy the read.

Title: The Gift
Rating: K+
Summary: All kids are easily drawn to what's forbidden, and it's in human nature wanting more than what one has. Émile Facilier was no exception.


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My latest video :)
Facilier Hat
I'm hoping that everyone is familiar with "Love is a Magical Mystery" by now....Facilier's song from the Bayou Boogie CD.... makes me melt every time I hear it. So, without further ado, I present my 5th Facilier video. Mmmmmmmm, that voice.

Sharing some recs
Hello lovelies.. I've recently joined, attracted as I am to the awesomeness that is Dr. Facilier, but alas, I have no means to contribute! So I bring you two recs I've recently read and liked! (if by some reason this isn't allowed, let me know and I'll delete it asap)

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Facilier Hat
By the way, Bayou Boogie CD is now available on iTunes. And of course, I bought "Love is a Magical Mystery" and am now rocking out to it. You should, too. :)

To anyone who's watching Britain's Got more Talent on ITV2.

...I swear I've just seen someone try and re-enact Facilier's crazy dancing, he was even in the costume and everything. Sadly it was only a short clip I definitely saw it. If I find a clip I'll link but The fact someone auditioned for a talent show dressed as the Doctor made me squee just a tad.

I made another video!
Facilier Hat
Hehehe. Always wanted to do a Tiana/Facilier to this song. Om nom nom nom.

Drabble Dimanche!
Okay, I'm totally copying this from the VC community, but... Drabble Dimanche! I'm going to see if I can give three prompts every sunday (dimanche) for the comm to answer in drabble form, in comments. Are you ready~?

Pretty, good, ugly, white, big fat...

In New Orleans, that's about all you get.

Blood Money
Paid, owed? And oh! what services can be rendered for that price....

Guess who's back?
Facilier Hat
I am!

The following fanfic is a tribute to one of the best fanfics I've ever read, The Way to a Man's Heart, which is a Tiana/Facilier shortfic by skyspireskit3.

The above fic mentioned Facilier's tattoos, and I had an idea pop into my head. And so, I give you....

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Fresh meat + question
Hello! This community seems to have died down a bit, but I hope that will change sometime in the near future. I first heard of Dr. Facilier when the Disney Villain LJ community posted the "Friends on the Other Side" sneak peak. I was immediately hooked, and between that community and this one, I could hardly wait for PatF to come out.

Anyway, on to the question! For the past two years, I've been planning a giant crossover including Disney Animated Canon, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy characters (plus many more) stuck in a parallel, warped dimension. It would be a comedy, with focus on the villains and Dr. Facilier as the one to guide the reader through all the madness, and I have almost decided on making it as a comic.

My question to all of you is this: Would you be interested in seeing the above as a comic, as a fanfic, etc.? (I can post an example of my drawing, if that would influence your decision.)

Dance, Shadow Man, Dance: 8-9/?
Dance, Shadow Man, Dance
Author: Melanthios (mellifluous_ink)
Rating: There's one instance of the word 'fuck', and lots of talk of sex. So... highschoolers, I think. XD
Genre: Comedic Intrigue (Is comedic intrigue a genre? IT IS NOW)
Summary: Facilier is inducted into the Guild. But to be in the Guild, you gotta know the game....

Note: Chapter Eight already appeared earlier, I just didn't realise it was part of the main story.

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine



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